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In order to improve our neighborhoods, we need to be more focused on our neighbors and our communities around us.  These are the people we can help the most, and these are the people that will most affect our lives.   It is easy to focus on the national issues that are constantly on the radio and TV, but as we work with the people we see every day our lives will be improved and our communities will be safer and more prosperous.  Whatever the policy issue, working together as neighbors will make it work better.  We truly do need to live the golden rule.

Priorities for improving Mesa:

  • Safer neighborhoods – Protection of rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness should be the main goal of any government, especially local government.  We need enough fire stations to protect our community members and adequate police officers to ensure that each person’s rights are not violated by the few bad apples in our community. Currently in Mesa we have about 1.6 police officers per 1000 residents. In a normal city of our size, there are somewhere between 2.2 and 2.5 police officers per 1000 residents. To ensure the safety of our community, we need to get to at least 2.0 police officers per 1000 residents.
  • A great place to live and work – We need to encourage businesses to come to Mesa through decreasing both regulations and taxes.  We need to make living and working here better by ensuring zoning rules and variances do not hurt current property owners.
  • Respect taxpayers – It is important for elected officials to remember that every dollar they spend has been forced from hardworking taxpayers.  The city should not spend money on unnecessary projects.  Every idea sounds great, but responsible leaders are willing to say no to ideas that do not make financial sense.  I will fight for a truly balanced budget with as low of taxes as possible.
  • Protect rights – There have been increasing calls to limit religious liberties and free speech in Arizona and across the country.  We need more elected officials to stand up for the fundamental right to live our most deeply held beliefs.  Even in the East Valley we have seen city governments restrict individual 1st Amendment rights.  I will stand up for each person’s right to speak and live as their conscience dictates.
  • Infrastructure improvement – One only need drive down Broadway Rd. or Mesa Dr. to realize that West Mesa has need for improved infrastructure. Just as worrisome, but not as visible, are the thousands of miles of ageing water, sewer, and gas lines running under our city. In addition to normal government functions, Mesa serves as the utility provider for much of District 4, so it is important that both city and utility infrastructure are maintained in way that provides quality service while beautifying our great city.